This past month, I resigned a job in tech to become a stay-at-home mom that writes on the side. My decision took hours upon hours of deep reflection, with doubt and guilt creeping up uninvited.

Not being one to miss an opportunity to throw in a Game of Thrones reference, I’ll compare my intrusive thoughts to those of a man of the Night’s Watch pondering desertion:

Was I abandoning my post? Was I a “turncloak” to my Sisters fighting the good fight in a difficult industry? …

Like most Upwork users, I woke up today to an email from Upwork’s CEO Hayden Brown on their “biggest news yet”. You can read the whole announcement here, but the TLDR of the email is :

1- Upwork introduces the new industry category “work marketplace”
2- New Brand & Logo
3- New Ad campaign

The last two points were easy enough to grasp, but to be perfectly honest…I didn’t get what “work marketplace” was referring to:

  • Was “work marketplace” a new feature or menu item?
  • A new way freelancers could market themselves?
  • A new product for businesses?
  • A change in…

It’s been nearly two months since starting my freelance writing journey and I wanted to share a few lessons I’ve learn so far about freelance writing:

Stay Organized — The organization skills I learned as a Program Manager have been a godsend. I have my own Trello board for tasks, a OneNote for drafts and ideas, and Wave for invoicing. In another post I’ll go into detail on how each tool has helped me and which tools haven’t worked out.

Know your Worth — I was shocked to see the cents per word rates on sites like Upwork. These sites…

A progressive agricultural hero is the last person you expect to learn about inside a cave in Alabama.

De Soto Caverns Park in Childersburg, Alabama is a childhood staple for many in the American South. Visitors can explore a magnificent series of caves, experience total darkness and amuse themselves with attractions like DeSoto’s Lost Trail maze.

A historical figure named Ida Mathis (1857–1925) has left her mark in the park and the surrounding area. …

Laura M. Cruz

I’m a techie that loves history, gardening and entertainment. / Let’s Connect on LinkedIn

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